Philosophy and art in late antiquity

A cura di: Daniele Iozzia,
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Collana: Cultura e Formazione
Genere: Saggistica
Data di pubblicazione: 20/11/2013
Disponibilità: Commercio
Numero di pagine: 168
ISBN: 978-88-96950-65-4

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The coming together of different scholars – who had already independently devoted their attention to various aspects of the aesthetic visions of Late Antiquity – has created in this volume a varied yet consistent overview, which will contribute to the understanding not only of the philosophy, but more generally of the constituent characteristics of the culture, of the time. Through analysis of some of the main concepts it has been possible to cover the many facets that research on the relationship between philosophy and art can encompass, including music theory and literary criticism, investigation on the visual arts and pure aesthetic considerations.

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