Civic service

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Data di pubblicazione: 20/12/2010
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Since 2006 the Region of Liguria has shown a great interest in exploring new pathways towards active citizenship and Civic Service. This experience reached a European outlook thanks to the project Amicus Regional Civic Service: course for the European networking, in partnership with the European Union. Twenty-four youths spent six months hosted by partner organisations in eight European countries (France, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Slovakia, Romania and Germany), where they committed to voluntary service activities and carried out a survey on the values of solidarity and volunteerism. The scenarios widely varied because of the specificities of each country in matter of history, welfare state and their very own definition of volunteerism. Voluntary and Civic service, in effect, are two essential marks, and their presence (or absence) has a strong connotation on the life of every country. This books collects the memories, analyses and surveys provided by these young people: the facts have thus become the core for a European discourse on the relevance of Civic Service as an instrument for the creation of citizenship and a European Union based on solidarity and intercultural understanding, while respecting the values of individual experiences.

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