Epistemologies and the knowledge society

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Data di pubblicazione: 02/02/2010
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General society, governments, the private sector, and techno-scientific institutions are entwined to form a complex dynamic system. As such, it is difficult to predict their future assets, more so, and as a consequence, to regulate them based on specific expectations. This is what makes science policy advising both problematic and exciting. The essays collected in this volume try to describe and explain the interaction between techno-science and other institutions, touching upon several issues such as evidence-based policy, the relationship between general society and the private sector, multidisciplinary integration, the modernization of higher education institutions, the economy of knowledge, and public understanding of science. The authors search for the multidisciplinary methodological perspective needed to capture the complexity of techno-science interactions, and propose policy solutions based on their findings. The general objective is to propose policy recommendations for EU science policy-making, a somehow extremely impervious task because the economical, political, social, and ethical inner heterogeneity of the Union adds more complexity into the picture. But – as we said above regarding complex dynamics – this is what makes the task worth taking on.

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